by Idioento

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Recorded at Nada Recording Studio in Newbourgh, N.Y.


released October 22, 2014

Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered by Eric Castillo



all rights reserved


Idioento Carmel, New York


Vocals: Shane
Guitar/ Vocals: Keith
Guitar: Justin
Bass: Rudy
Drums: Kenny

Rock band from Carmel, N.Y.

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Track Name: Ally
I'm sick of seeing you think yourself to death through carefully reasoned logic.
You've tied me to the tracks on your own train of thought
But it's helping me find my meaning

Can you feel it? Yeah, it's in every depth of this place.
Let me tell you - don't, I already know.
I can't just leave this, my mind solidified in haste.
I've got to shake this, I need to break it.
I need to keep control

There's a common source that keeps us moving
It's that common source that I am losing
It's just a pulse, it's just a beat.
It's wasting words in your backseat
But it's helping me find my

I wonder what I've missed. What's the point of it?
Track Name: Symmetry
The words were on the tip of my tongue
I thought I had the answers in my hands.
It was so close I could almost feel it
dragging me back to where I began

But it's not as easy as I once thought it was
To keep a quiet mind, and eyes aligned to keep me on my feet.
And walk straight away from the poison in my brain
And keep it all confined

The answers came crashing down like waves on me
and beat me to the shore.
Then they continued to crash down, until I was absolutely sure.

I can't be myself, I can't be myself.
I live too far outside my skin
Standing outside, staring in.
Track Name: Faces
You split the sky and you sent me into my head. It's a cloudy mess, it's a cage, there's no way out.
Can you think, can you sleep, can you dream without that subtle truth in the back of your mind?
I didn't think so. But neither can I.
See, I've been searching in all the wrong places - behind closed eyes at empty spaces. But some day I will find...
I'm tired of trying to fake it, I've always got to contain it. But I don't know what this is, I don't know how to explain it. Some day I will find.

We finally got to find our place. But now you're just a name, and barely a face. But baby, time was never on our side.
Time was never on our side.

You split the sky and you sent me into my head.
It's a cloudy mess, it's a cage there's no way out.
There's no way
Track Name: Sawzaw
I wish I could understand your sentiments exactly as they are.
You've got me reeling, you should not have left me in the dark.

You are, you are a calculated truth
I am, I am holding on to you

Well this doesn't feel right. This doesn't feel right, I don't want to feel anything
But we feel the same things, and we wear the same masks,
and we keep on smiling. I'm trying.

You are, you are a calculated truth
I am, I am holding on to you
I should've been there when you could not feel a fucking thing
I should've been there when you were reaching out for me.

I am empty, I am lifeless, and I have no way to fight this.
The ghost of long forgotten plans, I'm the host of some soul-sucking man.
The shadow of the burning sun, a philosophy's infected sum
I am the hourglass that never stops, the sand that falls and hits like rocks.
I'm lying through my skin and bones. Sitting, waiting, skipping stones.
And although everything has changed, you're all the same.
Track Name: Leviathan
I look into the mirror and speak: "my God, what's happening to you?"
But my reflection has no answers, and the mirror holds no truths.
See neither one knows what it is.
I just need some answers, why does no one have answers to give?

I've ran the situation through my head so many times
You open up your mouth. I cut out your tongue.
I scrape out your words, and I let your mind run.
And I don't want to think about it anymore but it's stuck inside my mind
All of the time.
You've got me searching but there's nothing to find

Suddenly I see something like God... I have so many questions.
Well he has all the answers I think I'll ask him, I'll say
I'll say: am I doing this right? Am I on the right path?
Is this all just a lie? Am I wasting my breath?
And what about these people - these material clones?
Can anything change them, or is it just me alone?
He says: my friend you know the answer - wherever you direct your energy.
These people are sick, with self-entitlement and lethargy
And as for the last part, well listen closely friend -
Then I open up my eyes. And it's me and the mirror again.